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These are my obsessions…

robsheffRob Sheffield is one of the few people who I can confidently say loves music more than I do.  (I wasn’t even aware that was possible).  Turn Around Bright Eyes is the third semi-autobiographical book from Rolling Stone writer Sheffield.  I fell in love with Sheffield and his writing after reading his first book “Love is a Mixtape” (and rereading it and rereading it.  It might be the most underlined book I own).  Rob has a way of telling stories of loss, love, and family through the music he listens to whether it’s through the mixtapes he and his wife made each other or through the karaoke songs he loves.  I honestly can’t wait to read this book again (and write a longer blog post about his books because you seriously need to read all of them).

insidelllllInside Llewyn Davis is one of my favorite movies of 2013 and includes such an incredible soundtrack and cast.  The Cohen brothers created a world that seems to have stepped right out of a Bob Dylan album cover.  The story is beautiful and sad, the cast is incredible (even you Justin Timberlake) and the music… the music MAKES this movie.  T.Bone Burnett has done it again and created a perfect album of old folk standards that sound familiar even if you’ve never heard them.  Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song) is a standout and has lived in my headphones and has been harmonized along with for weeks now.   Also… that cat… oh the cat storyline killed me.  Go see this movie!


SHERLOCK: We have waited for TWO YEARS for answers.  Last season ended with Sherlock jumping to his death, we know he faked it but how??  The internet has been flooded with theories (and super weird fanfiction) and now the wait is over… and we still don’t know!!  The first two episodes of season 3 have been perfect and unusually funny (I don’t know the last time I laughed out loud that hard at a t.v. show).  I won’t spoil anything for you but just know that this season has been the best by far!! Sherlock airs in the US starting January 19th on PBS, or for the internet savvy whenever you want!  The final episode “His Last Vow” airs in the UK this Sunday 1/12 and gauging by the way this season has unfolded it will rip our hearts out… Stephen Moffat isn’t happy unless someone you love is dying.


This past year I decided to start sending letters.  I have loved picking out stationery (this doctor who themed set above is on my wish list… look at it!!!) and finding interesting stamps (Johnny Cash and Harry Potter being among my faves).  Mostly, I’ve enjoyed corresponding with my friends in a different way! Shout out to Kelley who CONSTANTLY schools me with her drawings, homemade stickers and confetti that she adds to her cards. She wins hands down!  I recently started corresponding with my cousin’s 6 yr old twins and seriously look forward to getting their cards in the mail.

Arctic Monkeys: AM   This might be my most played song of 2013, this whole album is great!  The Arctic Monkeys have been around for a while but their latest album has quickly become my favorite.  They’ve grown up and embraced a darker grittier sound and we are all the better for it.

What books/movies/songs have you found yourself going back to again and again this past year?  Anything I should be reading/listening to?  Let me know 🙂

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let’s begin again

2014…  “This will be our year, took a long time to come”

I think I lost direction, I think I got bored, I think I got busy, I think I lost inspiration.  That being said, let’s begin again.  Let’s usher this new year in with open arms and open hearts.  Let’s prepare ourselves for all the new and exciting opportunities that await us.  Let’s be diligent with our time and talents.  Let’s be aware of the beauty and inspiration around us.  Let’s be grateful for this incredible life.  Let’s focus on the good.  Let’s look for new interesting ways to express ourselves.  Let’s collaborate.   Let’s get lost in the music.

I’m excited to see where 2014 takes us.  I’ve already booked my first 2 shows of the year, Josh Ritter (he makes everything better guys) and Neko Case (a dream, she is my spirit animal).  So let’s get this thing started!

I’ve compiled a mix of songs I loved this year.  Some are new, some aren’t, some carried over from 2012, some I reconnected with.  Hopefully you’ll find something that resonates with you, find a song that wakes you up and gets you excited again.  To quote Josh Ritter, “Don’t let me into this year with an empty heart.”  Happy New Year

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