Valentimes Days

Valentimes Days

I have ALWAYS loved Valentines day!  Whether it was as a child, passing out valentines and deciding which boys cards would be signed Love Ya, and which boys got Love Ya Lots.  Or when I was working at a grocery store and would watch the valentines displays be carefully built and then watch as the men would flood the store and stare at the display in complete confusion, wondering which teddy bear/flowers/candy would say the right thing to their significant other (p.s. adult women don’t really NEED teddy bears).  I’ve always loved this day, call me a romantic but really I just enjoy a bit of whimsy.  (I even bought Justin Beiber valentines for my coworkers this year!)  I made a little Valentines Mix to celebrate the day (it’s in the link above).  Hope you enjoy it, and hope today is filled with love… and whimsy.


Valentimes Days

1. Ceiling of Plankton: Givers

2. Like U Crazy: Mates of State

3. Next to me: Sleeping At Last

4. Hoppipolla: Sigur Ros

5. At my most beautiful: REM

6. Hotel Yorba: the White Stripes

7. A lover like you: the Avett Brothers

8. Thirteen: Ben Kweller

9.  All I do is dream of you: Gene Kelly

10. And if my heart should somehow stop: James Vincent McMorrow

11. Your hand in mine: Explosions in the sky

12. True Love Waits: Radiohead

13. Hand in glove: the Smiths

14. Nothing can change this love: Sam Cooke

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5 thoughts on “Valentimes Days

  1. Let me know if the link works for you… It’s being weird

  2. Nancy says:

    Bahaha… I actually got a mixed tape a 3 years back. At the time I was still driving my HS car that didn’t have a CD player and it was the only tape I could play. I’m suprised he found a tape recorder to make the mix take. ❤

  3. Kirstyn says:

    Love love love the mix, may steal ALL for wedding music! 🙂

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