You Are Home

This is a blog.

This is an indulgence.

This is a long time coming.

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now, since it was called a zine/xanga/podcast/blog.  So I’m finally putting the pen to paper, the fingers to keys, the nose to the grindstone.  I will attempt to be diligent, I will attempt to be consistent, I will attempt to bring you something new.  I am aware that the world is full of girls like me (nerdy, music obsessed, clumsy, and loud mouthed) I am aware that this blog probably has hundreds of other names out there… That in mind, I will try my darndest to make this interesting.

You are home… if for you, home is mixtapes, lists, concert reviews, long-winded stories about how much I love music, funny stories about working with the public (ask anyone, I’ve got some doozies.  Seriously, have you talked to a stranger lately? They are all insane.).  I hope this will be a dialogue, a back and forth, a place for you to agree or disagree, a place for you to tell me that I am insane and wrong about my own opinions, a place for you to tell me “no Nicole, you are brilliant and I agree wholeheartedly that Simon and Garfunkel’s “America” is one of the best songs ever written.” a place for you to share your own stories, a place for you to feel at home…

Thanks for allowing me to share…

Nicole Crane

7 thoughts on “You Are Home

  1. Smelliott says:

    So flannel friction kinda sounds like a lesbian camping trip… But I loves your writing so neverstop!

  2. Taylor says:

    Kirstyn and I just laughed at elliots comment. It really does Nicole… Need to tell us something?

    • haha NO! The name came from a show I was at and it was really hot in there, Kelley and I decided it was because of all the friction from the hipster’s flannel… FLANNEL FRICTION!

      also, super love dudes 🙂

  3. Jacob says:

    Hey! Love that you are blogging! If you need some graphic design help fo yo blog. Lemme know. I help good. (not spam?)

  4. […] yet again transport me into a make believe world,  I tapped local Music blogger Nicole Crane, Flannel Friction,   to join me in a musical tour of […]

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